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Perfection: Perfection is a state of completeness, flawlessness, or supreme excellence. It is an abstract concept that can be applied to many different things, such as people, objects, ideas, and actions. It is an ideal that may never be fully achieved. See also Ideas, Completeness.
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Nicolas de Condorcet on Perfection - Dictionary of Arguments

Habermas III 211
Perfection/Condorcet/Habermas: Condorcet reinterprets the concept of perfection according to the pattern of scientific progress. Perfection no longer means, as in the Aristotelian tradition, the realization of a telos inherent in the nature of things, but a process of perfection that is directed but not teleologically limited in advance. Perfection is interpreted as progress.(1)
, >Teleology.

1. Condorcet, Entwurf einer historischen Darstellung der Fortschritte des menschlichen Geistes, hrsg. von W. Alff, Frankfurt, 1963,S. 29

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