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Moore's Law/Morozov: Intel co-founder Gordon Moore's original 1965 formulation stated that the number of components on chips with the lowest manufacturing costs per component would double about every twelve months. Ten years later, Moore revised his estimates considerably and updated the growth rate to twenty-four months. But he also changed what was measured.
Illka TuomiVsMoore: while Moore still counted the components on semiconductor chips, he no longer focused...
I 219
...on cost-optimized chips, but measured the development of the most complex existing chips. In 1979 he changed his law again. The industry, for its part, interpreted his law as it fitted their view. (1)
Gordon Moore/Morozov: to this day, most people think it is about 18 months, but Moore says he never said anything like that. "I said one year and then two years." (2)
Growth/Tuomi: the actual growth observed differed from the forecasts every decade.
Tuomi's thesis: instead of satisfying a market need, the semiconductor industry has actively and aggressively created markets. (3)
Morozov: something like "Moore's law" does not fall from the sky. Speaking of "what technology wants" allows corporations to present their business strategies as a natural course of history. But technology does not want anything - and neither does the Internet.

1. Law”: Ilkka Tuomi, “The Lives and Death of Moore’s Law,” First Monday 7, no. 11 (2002), http:// htbin/ cgiwrap/ bin/ ojs/ index.php/ fm/ article/ view/ 1000/ 921.
2. Quoted in ibid.
3. ibid.

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Morozov I
Evgeny Morozov
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