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Evgeny Morozov on Open Data - Dictionary of Arguments

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Open Data/Morozov: While better crime statistics could help some people avoid buying property in shady neighborhoods, they would also make it more difficult for other people to sell this property. As a result, those who already live in these shady neighborhoods may be less willing to report crimes at all. In fact, 11 percent of respondents in a 2011 survey by an insurance company said they had seen an incident, but decided not to report it because they feared that higher crime statistics for their neighborhood would significantly reduce the value of their property.
David Hand, a professor of mathematics at Imperial College, notes that "the Open Data Initiative ignores such feedback effects - in other words, the act of publishing data will affect the quality of future data". (1)

1. in David Hand, “Open Data Is a Force for Good, but Not without Risks,” The Guardian, July 10, 2012, http:// society/ 2012/ jul/ 10/ open-data-force-for-good-risks.

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Evgeny Morozov
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