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Internet/Morozov: The physical infrastructure we know as "the Internet" bears little resemblance to the mythical "Internet" - the one that supposedly brought down the governments of Tunisia and Egypt and supposedly destroyed our brains - which is at the heart of our public debates. The infrastructure and design of this network of networks play a certain role in sanctioning many of these myths - for example, the idea that the Internet is "resistant to censorship" comes from the unique qualities of its packet-conveying communication mechanism - but "the Internet", which is the curse of public debates, also contains many other stories and tales - about innovation, surveillance, capitalism - that have little to do with infrastructure per se.
I 15
I want to understand why and how iTunes or Wikipedia - some of the mythical core elements of the "Internet" - have become role models for thinking about the future of politics. How have Zynga and Facebook become role models for thinking about civic engagement?
I 38
Knowledge/Internet/Morozov: the Internet itself does not change anything about what counts as knowledge. (See Knowledge/Weinberger, MorozovVsWeinberger).
I 208
Internet/Morozov:"the Internet" is the result of our world - not its cause.

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Morozov I
Evgeny Morozov
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