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I 260
Environment/Measuring/Morozov: It is a misunderstanding to take the decision to measure the consumption of resources such as water and electricity as a real reform of how WATER AND electricity enters our homes. The measurement itself should ideally only be a small step towards better behaviour.
I 261
Problem: it is not possible to tell a good story about improvements that insist only on such measurements, without a picture of how water, gas and electricity come into our homes. Measuring does not deliver this story.
Environment/Resources/Anonymity/Maria Kaika/Morozov: anthropologist Maria Kaika writes: the supply of water, electricity and gas seems to come from nowhere (...) similarly our garbage disappears in some hole in the wall... (1)
I 262
Resource Consumption/Veronica Strang: Thesis: measuring focuses us on private property ((s) of energy companies) and not on the population as a whole when it comes to the use of resources. (2) This also reinforces the isolation in which individuals have the feeling that the consumption of resources takes place in their own fortress. (3)

1. Maria Kaika, City of Flows: Modernity, Nature, and the City (Oxford: Psychology Press, 2005), 46.
2. Veronica Strang, The Meaning of Water (London: Berg, 2004), 228.
3. ibid. 230.

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Morozov I
Evgeny Morozov
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