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Technology/Morozov: is considered by many authors to be neutral in terms of good or evil and as something inevitable (1), (2), (3).
Morozov: the view that technology is something autonomous, has a long line of ancestors, best represented by Langdon Winner, 1978 (4).
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Technology/Kelly/Morozov: Kevin Kelly, the first publisher of Wired has written an influential book "What Technology wants". (5) (See also Technology/Kelly).
Kelly/Morozov: Kelly Thesis: Kelly, who uses a fancy word, "Technium", as a replacement for "Technology " with a capital T, assures his readers that "the Technium wants what we want, that it wants what we impose upon it to do. In addition, the Technium has its own wishes! It wants to prove itself as something special and give itself a hierarchical structure. It also wants to preserve itself and gain complexity and power, like all living systems.
MorozovVsKelly: his speech is full of duplicity. At the same time, he assures us that we have control and that there is actually no need for such control, because it is too late. (6)
Technology/Evolution/Kelly: Both allegedly wanted the same thing, because technology is only evolution by other means. He notes that "with small differences, the evolution of Technium- the organism of ideas - mimics the evolution of genetic organisms". (7)

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Morozov I
Evgeny Morozov
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