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I 65
Freedom/Equal Opportunities/Rawls: If freedom means equal opportunities, there are two options: a) equal career opportunities for gifted individuals: this is also compatible with a natural aristocracy and corresponds to a system of natural freedom. On the other hand, equal opportunities for everyone - irrespective of their talent - must be realised in a democratic equality. The third possibility is liberal equality.
I 66
Principle of efficiency/Rawls: simply corresponds to the Pareto optimum (see V. Pareto, Manuel d'économie politique, Paris, 1909, ch. VI, §53 and Appendix, §89.))
I 67
The point is that a configuration is always efficient when it is impossible to change it without putting people (at least one person) at a disadvantage.
I 83
Fair equal opportunities/procedural justice/Rawls: we must not confuse fair equal opportunities with career opportunities for gifted people. Due to the difference principle (see Difference Principle/Rawls) it differs from the Liberal interpretation.
I 84
It is not a question of all positions being open to everyone, but this may improve the situation of all members, even if certain groups are excluded from certain positions.
However, it is now the case that the actions of those who have been dismissed are justified due to considerations of justice. They would have been deprived of one of the basic forms of human fulfillment. There is an interdependence between what people do and what they are entitled to do. As a result, the question of procedural justice comes into play. (See Procedural justice/Rawls).
I 87
Equal opportunities: plays the role of ensuring that procedural justice prevails in a cooperation model.

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Rawl I
J. Rawls
A Theory of Justice: Original Edition Oxford 2005

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