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Émile Durkheim on Religion - Dictionary of Arguments

Habermas IV 80
Religion/Durkheim/HabermasVsDurkheim/Habermas: where Durkheim tries to make the origin of the sacred clear, his connection to the tradition of the philosophy of consciousness becomes apparent: Durkheim's thesis: Religions should consist of religious beliefs and ritual practices. For Durkheim, religion is thus an expression of a collective, supra-individual consciousness. Since consciousness needs an intentional object, Durkheim is looking for
Habermas IV 81
the object of religious imagination.
For religion itself, of course, this is the divine being - for Durkheim, however, "the transfigured and symbolically conceived society" hides behind it. Society is the collective to which the group members associate themselves; in short, "the collective person" is created in such a way that it reaches beyond the consciousness of the individual persons and yet is at the same time immanent. It also has all the characteristics of an awe-inspiring moral authority. (1)
HabermasVsDurkheim: this is circular: the moral is attributed to the holy, this to collective ideas of an entity, which in turn should consist of a system of compulsory norms.

1. E. Durkheim, Sociologie et philosophie, Paris 1951, German Frankfurt 1967, p.104

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German Edition:
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