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I 7
Equality/Inequality/Rawls: the structure of societies is intuitively designed in such a way that people are born into different social positions and thus different expectations with regard to life are defined.
Therefore, the social institutions favor certain positions opposed to others. These are, in particular, deep inequalities which cannot be justified by appeal to merit. These inequalities, which may be the basic structure of any society, are the ones to which the principles of social justice must be applied to first and foremost.
I 75
Equality/Democratic Equality/Rawls: Democratic Equality (correcting contingent social inequalities) is achieved by combining equality of opportunity with the difference principle.
I 329
Equality/values/intrinsic/Rawls: that people have the same value is not a necessary condition for them to enjoy equal freedoms. But it is also not a sufficient condition: it is sometimes said that equal fundamental rights are derived from the same opportunities for individuals to develop themselves further.
RawlsVs: it is not clear why this should be the case. Here the concepts of right and value are mixed up.

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