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I 303
Time/GeachVsQuine: Vs time cuts, Vs "hours-thick sclices" (> four dimensionalism). - Space/time are not equal axes - otherwise temperature curves would be the same as "world lines" in the "temperature-time continuum". - It is not true that quantifiers can only be applied to four-dimensional space-time points.
I 314
Space/time/Geach: are radically different: that the expression "between" is used in both, is misleading - spatial order: affects individual objects. - Temporal order: what is ordered here is represented by complex sentences. - Geach: in the temporal, ever more complex structures can be built, not in the spatial. - e.g. "x is between (y is over w) and z" makes no sense.
I 316
Time/Modal logic/Geach: I am convinced that the basic time determinations "before", "after", etc. belong to the formal logic. - I think they have to do with "possible" and "necessary". - One has claimed that a world in which the modus ponens no longer applies can be described as a world in which the time is two-dimensional or the past can be changed. - If the basic truths about time are logical, then a differently temporal world would be a chimera.

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