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I 88
Ontological Standard Analysis/Meixner: universal names arise from predication - E.g. what makes the sentence Fritz is a human true? Exemplification - some true exemplifkation statements presuppose more than the O.ST.A.: identity statements: Fritz is identical with Fritz: general exemplification principle - O.St-A: delivers the truth of Fritz EXEM lo1 [O1 is identical with o1] - just as true: Fritz, Fritz EXEM lo1.o2 [O1 is identical to O2] -. ((s) a) be identical with itself, b) be identical to Fritz).
I 92
Ontological Standard Analysis/MeixnerVs: cannot be maintained due to heterologous logical property, not to exemplify itself - e.g. the property to be a person who is not even a human being (does not exemplify itself) - the name o1 [o1 EXEM not o1]. designates nothing that corresponds to its meaning.

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