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I 457
Emotions/Pinker: Thesis: feelings are adjustments, software modules - with their help copies of the genes should be reproduced, which they have caused.
I 499
Feelings/explanation/Trivers: strategies in retaliation game: affection: aimed at those who are apparently ready for a return favor - Anger: protects from being betrayed - Gratitude: calculates costs and benefits of the first act - pity: should bring us gratitude - shame: should maintain a relationship.
I 500
Simultaneous evolution of incentive, faking feelings - it follows the evolution of discernment - Emotions do not help anyone, but they have helped his ancestors - (s) so separation of situation and feeling.
I 510
Emotions/PinkerVsTradition: feelings are no relic of an animal past, no fountain of creativity, not an enemy of the intellect. The intellect transmits control to the emotions, as soon as the situation is such that they can act as a guarantor for its offers, function as promises and threats.
I 522
Cognitive Dissonance/Pinker: one decreases them by inventing a new opinion to resolve an inner contradiction. - E.g. so a boring job becomes retroactively interesting - feeling of uncertainty stemming from conflicting beliefs.
I 523
PinkerVs: that is not true, there is no contradiction between "The work is boring" and "I was forced to lie" - Aronson: it is about the contradiction with the statement: "I am nice and have everything under control".

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