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Stegmüller IV 167
Ethics/Hume: thesis: no feature can be seen in the actions themselves , which would make it possible to distinguish whether they are justified or not. - ((S)> Harman) - Stegmüller: but one can even find prescriptive passages in Hume.
Stegm IV 243
Ethics/morality/Hume: Thesis:
1. Facing scarce resources, people must cooperate in order to survive -
2. HumeVsHobbes: all humans own sympathy - would everything be available in abundance, of course, respect to other people's property would be superfluous.
IV 245
The key driving force is self-interest.
Stegm IV 247
Ethics/morality/Hume: E.g. the two rowers: 1. pure coordination problem: - 2. no one wants to make an effort - stabilization of cooperation: 1. only artificial virtue is assumed - 2. No verbal communication - 3. only rational egoism - E.g. Help at the harvest: the first helps the other - then time lag: the second does not help the other -> free riders problem -> sanctions.
Stegm IV 283
Reason/morals/ethics/Hume/Stegmüller: reason can never be the motive for or against an action- passions and preferences are logically independent of conclusions - yet, there are practical-rational preferences - Mackie: also dispassion does not allow a clear view on things
Stuhlmann I 64
Ethics/Hume: at its reason moral statements are always required.

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